Our members will have two scheduled days a week to play at our esportscenter. Some will also be able to join our academy for more in-depth training to get better in his/her preferred game. Join us her!


KotH participate in both national and international tournaments. We thrive to get our players out there and make an appearance all over the world. Want to join our Esports team? Click the link and show us what you got!


We want to show that gamers can be, and needs to be physically active and have a balanced diet.

Welcome to King of the Hill.

King of the Hill, or KotH, is an esports organization from Norway, Kongsberg.

KotH was established june 2019 as a result of two old time gamers who decided to put their heads together to create a new leisure activity for gamers. And what better city is there to start an esports organization than Kongsberg, the self-proclaimed technology city?

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