We want to show that gamers can be, and needs to be physically active and have a balanced diet.

Welcome to King of the Hill.

King of the Hill, or KotH, is an esports organization from Norway, Kongsberg.

KotH was established june 2019 as a result of two old time gamers who decided to put their heads together to create a new leisure activity for gamers. And what better city is there to start an esports organization than Kongsberg, the self-proclaimed technology city?

Latest news.

We have extended our contracts with Rise and zanzH due to great results these past few months.

2020 here we come!

Thanks to everyone involved.

This would not have been possible without you: TechnipFMCPOWERNEMUSKrona KinoSystekKongsberg Lift Og Maskinutleie AsUtleiesenteret ASKongsberg Lyd Og LysSport 1 KongsbergMental Helse Ungdom Kongsberg

After a thrilling tournament at SpillExpo 2019 and a third-place it’s good to announce that this time our players took the win in the KotH LAN Fortnite Duo tournament.

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