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Welcome to King of the Hill.

King of the Hill, or KotH, is an esports organization from Norway, Kongsberg.

KotH was established june 2019 as a result of two old time gamers who decided to put their heads together to create a new leisure activity for gamers. And what better city is there to start an esports organization than Kongsberg, the self-proclaimed technology city?

Latest news.

We did not have any invitation to the N47 Fornite tournament at this year’s SpillExpo.

What else to do than to be there early, first in line. And then run into the registration to get to play the qualifying rounds before you get too tired of standing in line all day.

And that was what we had to do.

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Sebastian “Stav” Stavland takes off his KotH jersey and leaves the club after 6 months. He will now be a free agent and will pursue his dream as an influencer and content creator within gaming.  Earlier he had a big follower base on Twitch, but will now build his new YouTube community. We wish him all the best.

Stavland is attending The Link LAN this weekend! He teamed up with Farbr0r in the Fortnite duo competition. Congrats on the win guys!