Les denne siden på Norsk

Because of COVID-19, we had to shut down our esportscenter. But we are giving our costumers the opportunity to rent the gaming equipment that we have. The prices that we have set is to cover our costs, and hopefully keep us afloat in this diffucult time.

If you rent our machines, it is a win-win for both parties.

You get to have fun on a beast of a gaming computer, and we get some income.

Send us a request if you have any questions.

Happy gaming! 🙂 NB: We disinfect all equipment before we hand them out to new renters.

So if you need your days to go by faster while we all are sitting home, this is the options:

  1. Gaming computer

    icluding mouse, mechanical keyboard, XXL mousepad, headset og 27″ Curved 144hz gamingmonitor og gamingchair. (10 sets available).

    • 100,- NOK pr day.
    • 600,- NOK pr week
  2. VR Bundle with computer

    HTC Vive Pro set, including mouse, keyboard and a 24″ monitor. (2 sets available)

    • 500,- NOK pr day.
    • Want to rent more than 3 days? Contact us for a special price.
  3. Xbox, PS4 or Nintendo Switch

    • Send us a request, and we will give a price

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