First time attending SpillExpo!

We did not have any invitation to the N47 Fornite tournament at this year’s SpillExpo.

What else to do than to be there early, first in line. And then run into the registration to get to play the qualifying rounds before you get too tired of standing in line all day.

And that was what we had to do.

Rise and zanzH used their recognition skills on how to get to the registration booth first. At first, there was a tactic to run over and punching the other players. But that would have ended in a perm ban from the SpillExpo, so that was out of the question.

After Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced the SpillExpo for started, the fight began. Almost all that was there early had the same tactic as us. Luckily there were not too many players in line before us. And our guys just had to wait around 30 minutes. But then the issues started. Rise’s computer didn’t work… They used another 30 minutes to fix this, and KotH founders Andreas and Fredrik did not get any info on how it was going. We had hoped but were afraid, that the fight was over before it began.

After another 20 minutes, our guys come out of the qualifying area. Not very satisfied. “Only 16 Kills, in the one game we had to make it count”. Well, we reminded them that all players here today have the same foundation to play on. And even if a 16-kill game is not as good as usual, this is under a pressured situation. We then decided to go check out the area.

Then the phone rang, and it was with the message that the guys had gone through to the next round, that was going to be played on the big stage! Not only just getting qualified but with the highest kill game of them all amongst one other team with the same kill count.

Now it’s game on!

LONG story short, our guys play game after game and take home wins. The fantastic caster Sigve Løndal aka RUSH, was more than surprised of the quality of our two young gamers. With comments like:

“Omg they are totally slaughtering this server”

“What did we just see? Did they actually rocket themselves and getting a kill while doing it??”

“Even with 5HP Rise is managing to take down three more Elims!”  

The first match our guys had a hard time getting kills was in the semi-finals against Team Sharp. And Team Sharp took the win, making our guys have to play the bronze finals.

But the Bronze final went our guys’ way and they managed to take home the 3rd place and a prize of $1000.

We are very proud that they managed to do this well!

PS: We have invited Team Sharp to our own Fortnite Duo compo in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, our guys will get their win nex time!